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Summer Whilrwind!

Wow, what a whirlwind coming into summer!

We had some fantastic animals hunted in the last few weeks. Some of our regulars joined us for a quick journey before the heat of summer, and we had new hunters come for their very first experiences!

Secondly, our yearly inspections are moving along! June is always busy with inspectors and paperwork getting ready for the next season. Laura and LeAnna have been working hard, and we’ve cleared one of our two big hurdles for our next season already. Way to go guys!

Buggies? Yes, we have them back in service again. A lot of tireless work by John and Michael have gotten us a healthy fleet for summer work and going into the fall. We’ve re-evaluated some of the parts we’ve been using and maintenance patterns as well. With a good workflow, most repairs average in the 1-2 hour range, and I’d put that up against any shop.  Well done guys! (oh and the spotlights are working too)

It’s not just buggies, our little workhorse got it’s servicing and cleaning too!

Property work continues, fencing work continues, and we do have several drainage issues we continue to manage. Animal intake is continuing, and we’ve been blessed with some very interesting looking ram lately, come check them out!

Don’t forget about our ram special going on! For the summer months only, we have specials running for ram and female aoudad!

There’s more, check our socials for the next blog update!


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