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Down in the Muck

This past week we found a new adventure to tackle. A 300 ft section of fence was laid down in a rainstorm. The weather dropped 5" of rain on the ranch, and took this fence with it! Some of the equipment needed TLC before tackling this job, but thankfully our staff always rises to the occasion. After collecting it all, and walking it all to the shop, we got busy mending, lubricating and testing. Coming up with a gameplan for something like this isn't easy, but we generated a modestly safe workflow, and hit the gas. One full day of labor with a solid plan, and our fence was complete. Thanks to Michael, Leanna, Laura, and John for doing this safely, someone could've gotten really hurt, and aside from a few cuts and scrapes, I don't think it could have gone better. The labor was a day, the prep was three, and the clients took the weekend up, so I don't know how this job could have been done faster or safer. Great work!


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