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It's Fall Ya'll!

Time flies! It's hard to think something like updating a blog could be so hard, but we've had good reasons!!

MOW THAT GROWTH! Wow, some of these weeds took off like a fighter jet this year. Given the condition of the brush hogs from last year, the maintenance wound up being a much larger job than anticipated. We wound up cutting weeks behind, which meant long long nights (mostly for Michael) in the tractor, though everyone got their turn! Somehow we managed not to break too much, and the difference is nothing short of incredible. Well done everyone.

STRUT YOUR RUT! It's on ya'll! These trees look like elephants are wandering through the ranch!

CLEAN UP, AISLE "ALL OF EM" New stand floors, new stand ceilings, new stand windows, more shooting lanes, more land clearing, more of it all! You can see further, you can hunt more comfortably, and we are aren't done yet!

HUNTS! What an amazing time it's been over the summer hunting with all of our great clients. Here's a small selection of the animals we've seen leave with happy clients over the last few months!

WHAT ELSE?! Well, we are just scratching the surface! There's still firewood to cut for the winter, cold season prep to do, hay to move, feeders to fill, animals to care for, the lodges to care for and clean, the equipment to maintain and clean, whew!! For a little bonus, our skeet thrower is now working again so we have another entertainment option for those relaxing afternoons!

I cannot thank our dedicated staff enough for their hard work over the summer. Laura, Michael, Leanna, and John continue to push through adversity, some rough weather, and life in general to provide, what is in my humble opinion, and unbeatable experience. We love our ranch, and invite you to come see some more of our upgrades and updates!!


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