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Exotic Animals, Elk, Deer, Hogs and Red Stag.

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Bowtie Hunting Ranch

23041 Sumler Road
Cameron, OK 74932

Guided Hunting Trips

One of the Top Oklahoma Hunting Ranches

Welcome to Bowtie Hunting Ranch. Based in Cameron, OK about 20 miles from Ft.Smith Arkansas airport, we have over 1,300 acres of some of the best world-class hunting. We offer some of the best trophy whitetail hunts and we also have the best-guaranteed hunts starting at $2000 with a 2-day lodge stay with food. Hog hunts are 2 days and 2 pigs for $650 with lodge. Guaranteed opportunity.

Bowtie Hunting Ranch provides fully Guided Hunts to ensure you an enjoyable game-rich hunting experience and relaxing stay. Prepare yourself, for your hunting choices are many and include; Whitetail Deer Hunting, Hog Hunting, Bull Elk Hunting, Bison, Red Stag, Fallow Deer and Axis Deer Hunting just to name a few of our favorites. The scenery is stunning as the property is situated to overlook the Poteau River so be sure to bring a quality pair of binoculars and camera for your adventure. Hunters have the option of rifle, bow and black powder hunts. Methods are spot hunting, stalking, safari style, blind and still hunting for your trophy animal.

We look forward to meeting you, exceeding your hunting expectations and making new friends.

Deer Hunting

No question that the Whitetail Deer in Oklahoma is the most popular big game animal. Thanks to the hard work of generations of conservationists and ranches like Bowtie Hunting Ranch, we now grow some of the largest Whitetails found in the U.S.

Hog Hunting

Hog Hunting is not just something we do, it's what we do! We invite you to Bowtie Hunting Ranch in Oklahoma to hunt the infamous Wild Boar. Let us show you how thrilling and heart-pounding Wild Hog Hunting can really be!

Elk Hunting

The second largest antlered animal in North America, the Elk is easily distinguished by its cream-colored winter coat and contrasting chestnut mane. In fact, the addition of a trophy mount to your collection will stand out like no other. Come experience Trophy Bull Elk Hunting.

Exotic Hunting

In addition to the work being done to assure world class Trophy Whitetail Deer, Bowtie Hunting Ranch offers a wide variety of Exotic species for the hunter. The Addax, Black Buck, Aoudad, and the Oryx are plentiful and make for great hunting and video.

Our Animals

One of the Top Oklahoma Hunting Ranches

We are a first-class hunting ranch owned by a sportsman that loves the outdoors, the property has over 10 ponds and a small lake and 4 miles of river frontage that is breathtaking. We offer very low prices and the best service and very quality equipment and animal management. At the ranch, you will see trophy Elk and Red Stagg and over 16 other exotic animals that are all trophy quality.

The lodge is a great place to rest and sleep for the night with plenty of room for up to 12 adults and personal touches that will make you keep coming back again and again. So, come check us out and enjoy the outdoors and meet some new friends that will take very good care of you for years to come.

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