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White Tail Hunting Trips

White Tail Deer Hunting
Basket buck up to 130 score $1700
131 to 150 class buck score .$3250
151 to 170 class buck score $4250
171 to 190 class buck score $5250
190 to 220 class buck score $6250
220 and over $7000

You will need a non-resident hunting license for $78.00
(We can help you get that at the Ranch)
(We also issue tags at the Ranch)
3 day and 2 night stay, with full food and bar service, and 1 on 1 guide.
Check in time is 3:00pm. Check out is at 10:00am.
Non-Hunters are $75 per day

We had a great white tail season in 2019 and expect a better one in 2020, check our gallery and Facebook for 2019 pics

White tail hunting trips require a $500 deposit per group to secure dates when booking

Call or text Leslie 918-413-7444 to book
Call or text Tony with questions 509-675-3905
This is also a first class hunt and you get the Bow Tie Guarantee: if you do not get the opportunity, then you pay nothing.