Oklahoma Guided Deer Hunts

Whitetail Deer Hunting at Bowtie Hunting Ranch is far from just a harvest. It is filled with breathtaking scenery, abundant game and a cozy lodge to relax and recount the days events. Being a deer breeder, we have our own herd of Trophy Whitetail Deer with superior genetics. Genetics is only the start. With quality feed and proper care we have a Whitetail for everyone's budget and if you are after the next SCI record we have that as well. Come make new friends and experience for yourself one of the finest Oklahoma guided deer hunts available.

Deer Hunting in Oklahoma

At Bowtie Hunting Ranch we offer all types of hunting methods from Rifle, Shotgun, Muzzle-Loader and one of our favorites is Bow Hunting Deer. Archery is one of those methods where any animal taken is a Trophy. The skill level to consistently get within 35 yards when hunting deer makes all the difference. After arriving at our Oklahoma hunting ranch, you will be able to site in your firearm or bow. You then have the option of choosing ladder stands, ground blinds or spot and stalk styles of hunting. A little extra for you firearm hunters is we provide Safari style hunting where we ride and glass for animals. This is also a great opportunity to use your camera to capture all our ranch has to offer; breath taking scenery and an abundance of game available for viewing and hunting. This is also the opportunity when you have the best chances of finding that buck you are looking for as we are able to cover larger amounts of terrain and increase the odds of success while deer hunting in Oklahoma and at Bowtie Hunting Ranch.

Hunting Lodge

Our Whitetail Deer Hunting Lodge is complete with full kitchen where meals can be prepared, large living room to relax in and recount the days events with new and old friends.